Saturday, March 17, 2012

March is Reading Month 2012, Tip #17: Limericks

Tip #17: Limericks
I was reading Pigericks (limericks about pigs), and I thought I should add to my Colb-ericks (limericks about the Colby dog):

There was a dog named Colby Jean
Who didn't know how to be mean
She gave robbers a hand
To cash in the nightstand
And then went right back to her dream

There was a dog named Colby Girl
Who was truly out of this world
She was always so sweet
And she loved having treats
The whole world just loves Colby Girl

Colby is a good reader dog
But also she's such a love hog
She'll nudge you for a pet
And she just won't relent
You'll constantly pet Colby dog!

Couch Pup...I'm so old, so I should sit on the couch.

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