Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March is Reading Month 2012, Tip #6: Keep Reading Aloud

Tip #6: Keep Reading Aloud.

It's easy to remember to read aloud when kids are just learning to read. But it's also important to read aloud-- and listen to books together-- with older readers, both at home and school. 

In my teaching, Read Aloud grounds both my Reading and Writing Workshop. I also feel like a much stronger, more connected  mother when it grounds my parenting.

I think I said it well last year:
"I'm going to to try to squeeze in a little read aloud time by finding stolen minutes: after breakfast, waiting in the van before school (when we arrive to early to get out and wait in the cold), at the Y before swim lessons, at dinner.
Sometimes I think reading aloud is like exercise: sometimes you really have to plan your day so it is given time. But reading aloud shouldn't stop just because your readers can already read."

That's a fine goal for this year, too.

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