Monday, March 12, 2012

March is Reading Month 2012, Tip #12: Go to a Museum!

Go to a Museum!

We just found a new short-cut on bikes to the Museum of Natural History! My challenge for this Spring is to visit Museums and travel there by bike from our house.

I think we can do:
1.  Hands On Museum
2. UM Museum of Art
3. UM Museum of Natural History
4. UM Dental Museum (Seriously, Fran is desperate to go here...)
5. UM Kelsey Museum
6. Gerald R. Ford Library
7. Kempf House (I have always wanted to go here!)
8. Cobblestone Farm Museum (My favorite place in Ann Arbor for weddings!)

All within about 2 miles of our house. What a nice little town!

I'd also love to finally get to the DIA and the Henry Ford again, but we'll drive there... (Bicycles are prohibited on I-94.)

Fran, age 5, on the Rosa Parks bus at the Henry Ford.


  1. The Henry Ford Museum was A Fun Trip.
    It would be a long bike ride if you go that way!

  2. You can pull the kids in the bike trailer, Papa!