Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March is Reading Month 2012, Tips #19 and #20: Go to the Library and Read the Newspaper

Tips #19 and #20: Go the the Library and Read the Newspaper! Or got to the library and read lots of newspapers!

I continue to be an enthusiastic library patron! I check out books for me, for my students, for Blaine, for Fran and Claude.  It's the best deal in town.  I also love the selection of movies and music.  But what I love the most is the programming! We just had the chance to hear Mr. Eric from the Pete the Cat books perform his books and some silly songs (and his new book coming out- about buttons- BUY IT!) How lucky we are in this little town in Michigan to have such great opportunities and access to groovy buttons!

Mr. Eric!

Claude and Ola at the book signing!

What a great day! But Colbs, she rested at home with the paper. She does pride herself on being up on current events!

What a newshound!

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