Saturday, March 10, 2012

March is Reading Month 2012, Tip #10: Book Organization

Book organization is important; kids can only read what they can find!

Last year, the bookcases looked like this... and I talked a lot about front facing displays, grouping books, sorting by genre. This year, I finally got tired of sagging, crammed shelves.  It was true: Fran finally outgrew his bookshelves, so we went to IKEA.


Fran's new bookshelves: a place for books, legos, and team photos to live!

Claude's well-used bookshelves...there's a stack that needs to be re-shelved on the floor.
We seriously need to hire someone to come over and put the books back.

I love March!  I know I'll organize the books. Fran sifted through his books, giving some to Claude and some back to my library.  (Sniff, he's growing up... But he still sidles up and listens to select read-alouds with Claudia.) Right after we set this up, we were able to find Hugo Cabret to loan it to our neighbor! Thank goodness for March!

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