Monday, December 12, 2011

Grandma Verry's Bunnies

My Grandma Verry used to have a thing with bunnies. Being peaceful herself, I think she truly valued the gentle grace and sweetness of these creatures. As a child, we would walk in the field near her house in the hills of Pennsylvania and then wait and watch for bunnies to hop around. Whenever I see a bunny, I feel like she sent it to me for luck, support, and love.

This theory was going great. When I made the decision to throw my hat in the ring for the Reading Intervention position that became open at a school close to my home, I saw this little guy waiting by the sign as Claude and I walked home from a birthday party:

Little Bunny on the brick border!
This seemed like a sign to me, which is funny because I am not very superstitious. I had some worries about wanting to go back to daily work with students before Claude was in Kindergarten, but this seemed to me like Grandma was telling me this is a good thing, like I was supposed to be there. Bunnies are good luck.

In the past weeks, we've spotted a sweet bunny hopping through our yard; I was happy to host him. It felt like a gift to catch a glimpse of furry tail and hoppy paws. But now Colby has found a new delicacy: rabbit poop. She's crazy for it, seeming to prefer it chilled with the dustings of snow we keep getting. Today after I did a (dog) poop scoop in the yard, I was stunned to see so much rabbit poop. I scooped as much bunny scat as I could- but it was very plentiful and very pellet-ous. Seriously, what is this rabbit eating? How much does one rabbit poop? Perhaps this rabbit needs some bunny Milk of Magnesia. There's really a lot of pooplets.

Also, now I am horribly confused about what my Grandmother is trying to tell me.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Baby Whisperer

Last night I was picking photos for the holiday card.  (Yes, after a 3 year hiatus, I am sending a holiday card!  I do write a yearly letter, but have not actually mailed one since Claudia was born in 2008.) While I was combing through pictures, I came across a video from Christmas when Claudia was 1½  and Francis was 5 ½. I watched it a few times and I was amused by Fran’s Christmas excitement and nurturing of his sister and I was in absolute awe of what Claude was able to do at that young age.  In watching the video, I saw how much more she was talking than what I remembered.  And her voice.  It was so sweet. I had forgotten it.

Her voice is still sweet, And she is still little.  But I do wish we had taken more video of her along the way. (I think we did a better job with Fran.) We were always so busy. Maybe I am really starting to get old, but I am just stunned by how fast it all goes.  I can’t believe these little people won’t stay little forever. I love watching them grow and change, but it was nice having them be little.  (Really little.) And I miss that.

Little Missy stuffing her face with animal crackers at stocking time, 2009.

Fran posing with a stack o' presents, 2009.