Thursday, February 28, 2013

Phew. I made it!

Ahh...under the wire. One post for February!

I've written many posts in my head on the treadmill, and forgotten them.
I've had incredible a-has about reading and writing workshop while driving for school pick-ups, but they now elude me.
I had an epiphany about raising readers and writers and the role of home, the role of school, and the role of the inner life. But I can't remember the details.

But most importantly, I have reiterated to myself the power of chunks of time for daily reading and writing. Even if I don't publish daily, daily reading and writing exercise my literacy muscles, which help me as a teacher, a parent, and as a reader and writer.

Now, many great thing were accomplished this month:
  • The kids got to ski! ( state ever!)
  • We skated on Lake Huron...with Mackinac Island in the background.
  • I read some great professional books, kid books (Mysterious Benedict Society), and even a grown up book!
  • I volunteered at 826 Michigan with Colby Dog. (And at Mott, too...)
  • Two more book series found by Francis: (Origami Yoda and Michigan Chillers).
  • We hosted some dinners, brunches, and playdates.
  • I kicked up my running again. (Stinkin' treadmills....)
And plenty of balls were dropped, too...

Here's to March! And a Happy March is Reading Month to You and Yours!

Muffin skating on (the Great) Lake Huron!

Fran in a game...

Just goofing off,  Mackinac Island in background.
Say Yes! to Michigan!