Sunday, March 4, 2012

March is Reading Month 2012, Tip #4: Loan a Book!

March is Reading Month, Tip #4: Loan a Book!

Last year, Tip #3 involved some finger pointing at a lady we like to call "Christy" (since it is her name.)  A generous book loaner and giver, she is responsible for 2 of the 3 worst reads I have ever had. (I, alone, am responsible for finding  the third of the worst books ever.) But I do thank her for Magnolia Wednesdays, the Atlanta version of Ann Arbor's The Christmas Cookie Club, since I enjoy books that highlight restaurants that I have visited and roads I have driven on, even if they read like a Lifetime Movie.

Typically when I loan a book, I know there a chance I won't get it back, which is fine because I often check out a book I already own from the library on the occasions when I am unable to find it. I usually can't remember if I loaned I...or lost it.  But I am fastidious borrower, known across states for returning borrowed texts. Some borrowers don't return books. I always thought I was above such careless tactics, but if you would ask a woman named "Colleen", she may tell a tale about her copy* of Up in the Air and a local lady rabbi I'll call "Sara" may kvetch about me borrowing a poetry book for 5 years**.

One of my favorite parts of being a classroom teacher was leaving a book with tiny personal notes on a post-it on a student's desk.  I'd write notes like these:
"I thought you'd like this book since you like Melanie Watt books."
"The main character reminded me of you since you're both sports nuts."
"Mercy Watson loves buttered toast just like us!"
"This book reminded me of your library book last week!"

So, readers, loan a book, borrow a book, give a book. Spread the joy!

* I offered A Visit from the Goon Squad in return for the missing book, and now hope to borrow The Hunger Games.
** OK, she won't.  She's too nice.


  1. UPDATE:
    On Monday, "Colleen" dropped off "The HUnger Games". All three books. Fool you once...

  2. She is DEFINITELY too nice. :) And yes, The Hunger Games. Great read!