Thursday, March 17, 2011

March is Reading Month, Tip #17: Limericks!

Limericks! And we were just talking about poetry yesterday...

OK, I really hate seeing a poetry unit reduced to limericks- especially with young children; it is very hard for kids (especially under age 10) to consider content, humor, meter, and rhyme independently. That being said, if children have been adequately exposed to enough limericks- especially silly ones, they can work together to co-author some with support. (This could be a great shared writing or small group activity, minds working together yet process still being scaffolded.) Also, my love of silly, naughty, and parody can be embodied quite well in limericks.  And limericks are noticeable- and kids like that.

So today, I challenge you: write a limerick to amuse your child or yourself or a friend. Find some limericks suitable for kids or check some out from the library.

Photo by Chuck Roderique
And here's my hand at one:

There once was a dog named Colbine,
Who was known to make quite a scene.
She would push for a pet,
Which of course she would get.
No one can resist Miss Colbine!

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