Friday, March 25, 2011

March is Reading Month, Tip #25: Read a Cookbook

Read a cookbook...and try a new recipe!

Cookbooks are art. If I ever were to design a kitchen, it would include adequate shelf space for cookbooks. I like the shiny-paged ones, like Ina Garten's. I love the photography, font, and design in Martha Stewart's. I like the accessibility and attitude in Jamie Oliver's. And trying the new recipes is always fun.

For children, cookbooks are a great way to read with purpose! First, you have to flip through and find what looks tasty. Next, you gather your ingredients and then it's time to cook! I am a huge fan of Pretend Soup: Hide and Seek Muffins and Carrot Pennies are our favorites. The cookbook is set up with each step clearly communicated with simple illustrations and limited text. (The full recipe, with extra details, is also included for the adult helper.)

This little out-of-print cookbook looks quite intriguing, too:

I can't wait to make Twin Suns Toast...but SHHH...keep this under wraps until Fran's birthday!

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