Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This Was Just On My Mind

For the past few days, I have been thinking about how my blog's audience is kind of like Sesame Street's: the kids (and families) that most likely have much of what they need already in place. I want all kids to grow confident in themselves and in their abilities as readers and writers. I am still convinced in the power of literacy: that reading and writing can lift you up and shape you so completely.

So it seemed funny to me that as I was careening to the library to pick up a giant stack of on-hold materials, I happened to catch a story on NPR about The Perry Preschool Long-Range Studies. Even more inspiring is that the preschool is one town over.

Click here to link to the podcast and transcript of "Early Lessons" by Emily Hanford

I have been having some pretty intense experiences working in schools that have kids with pretty strong academic needs and limited home-support and resources. Again, I am convinced that the hugest component of literacy--talking and listening and connecting to others-- is what can make the biggest educational and personal impact.

Reading and writing connects you to others and to yourself. But it's the connection to others that matter most.

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