Tuesday, June 4, 2013

End of Year Goodness

It's been an extra busy spring in Ann Arbor with advocacy for Reading Intervention, extra meetings for the AAPS budget crisis, and of course the pink slips...

It would have been busy enough ending the year with my readers, my daughter graduating from PreK, and my son moving on to 4th grade. Let alone the kid sports, DQ trips, hospital volunteering, grocery shopping, 10K training, gardening, and school events.

Tomorrow is our last day at Stone School: our littlest one is leaving. She made Annie, her teacher, a little card:

Dear Annie, I wish you could be my teacher forever. Your Student, Claudia

I was handling all the end of year stuff well until Claude wrote this note. I said the words slowly with her and she wrote the sounds. I started crying when she turned her tiny left thumb upside-down to make finger spaces between the words. Oh, my. Finger spaces. My baby is ready for Kindergarten.

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