Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Favorite Pothead

Ahh...I was just thinking about my favorite potheads.

I think I like him:

Nothing like Pothead to travel on your FP school bus...
He always sat in the back and seemed so distant...

More than him:

Everyone loves a happy pothead...

I love these Little People. I am relieved my mother saved every stinkin' one. The old design is simple, functional, and flexible. They're perfect. 

The new ones are terrifying, always holding stuff and look particularly bloated:

They are holding so much stuff that they don't fit into the FP Little People toy van,
which I am sure is not an intentional effort to teach children to pack light when traveling.

And the worst part is that there are no longer Fisher Price Potheads. 

So disappointing.


  1. I have a lego man that sits on my bureau to remind me of Nick, who is now 19 and out in the world. He's my favorite.

    1. We're already half-way there... I think I'll prefer to scatter the Lego men over the floor so I can step on them in the middle of the night.