Saturday, October 13, 2012

Busy or Just a Little Pout

I am really, really surprised how stinkin' busy we are with two jobs*, two kids, two schools, one dog, living, and volunteering. Fitting in exercise and social plans is a sudoku puzzle. I think I'll stop cleaning and cooking to make more time available...

It's funny that I feel cranky about this, because this isn't even a very busy weekend. All we need to do is hockey, soccer, finish Halloween costumes, unpack winter clothes, pack up summer clothes, grocery shop and cook, and chip away at the pile of stuff that isn't getting done (thank yous, belated birthdays, fixing house things like the broken window and re-caulking, etc.)

To all the people we truly intend to invite over for brunch... we'll get to it soon. To the babies who keep growing that we haven't seen for a while... stay cute! To ourselves... figure out what's really important and let go of the rest. Or better yet, be a little bit productive and then take a family bike ride.

Here's to a little rest this weekend!

* Really, it's one and a half jobs.

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