Tuesday, February 28, 2012

March Is Reading Month, 2012

It's almost here again:  March Is Reading Month (MIRM).

Last year, I posted daily tips.  This year, I plan post daily, linking to the tips and providing additional commentary as needed.  My first concern with the daily tips was that the list was not intended as a to-do list, but a pick-and-choose menu for March and beyond. That hint will remain true for 2012.

For me, MIRM is an excuse to jumpstart both my own reading life and my children's reading lives, usually involving some goal setting.  As much as I tend to think that there must be more I can do for my students, my children, or myself as a reader, it's been reassuring to look back over the year and see successes.  So in 2012, we will again celebrate MIRM, keeping busy trying to slow down. And of course, Colby's reader-dog-ness will be in high demand.

There is more to life than just books (parks, sports, food, plays, ice cream, concerts, ice skating, dinner guests...)  But life is so much more with books.  Here's to MIRM 2012!

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