Friday, February 25, 2011

March is Reading Month is Around the Corner

It's the ugly truth. We don't read here every day. I mean, we like to and we read a lot, but sometimes we miss a day. We read almost every day. I never thought that would happen. Seriously, what kind of parent doesn't read to their kid daily? As a classroom teacher, I would have found this terribly shocking if a parent or child revealed this negligence to me-- along the same lines of "We don't ever use soap.", "We think seat-belts are an indication of a nanny-state.", or "We bike without helmets." Only a crazy person would not facilitate daily reading in their own home.

Sometimes we read a giant stack of picture books or too many extra chapters, but sometimes we don't. Sometimes instead of reading bedtime stories we tell stories, talk about our days, or play cards or a board game. Sometimes we go to bed early. And sometimes we have so much going on that we run out of steam.

And that's why I love March is Reading Month. I used to think it was gimmicky- celebrating what we do anyway. But after seeing the kick-in-the-right direction it delivered to us last year with Fran in Kindergarten, I am really excited. We rode on the steam from MIRM for months. Then we coasted on the energy of Library and Bookstore Summer Reading Programs. Back to school was a boost and the Christmas books usually get us through January. And then we get the February blahs- but March is right around the corner.

This March, The Reading and Writing House will be posting tips for creating a home where reading and writing matter. It's not about getting kids to read above grade-level, it's not about checking daily reading off a list, and it's not about school.

It's about life. It's about living well. And it's about feeling connected to others and yourself.

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