Saturday, July 2, 2011

TRWH Michigan Radio Interview Official Statement

In the past weeks, TRWH has been rocked by the Michigan Radio interview situation and would like to make an official statement:

"As you may now, this year Francis corresponded with Mo Willems. He published two quintessential guides: All About Hockey and All About Labrador Retrievers. In addition to personal writing projects, he collaborated with Esther to illustrate a trilogy of holiday books, including The Night Before ChristmasEaster, and the soon to be celebrated The Fourth of July. His current projects include, but are not limited to: raccoon fiction stories, belated birthday thank you notes, and his groundbreaking informational book "How to Wipe Your Butt".* Additionally, his report card indicated that he "is enthusiastic about writing and learning to write." The Reading and Writing House is filled with joy and pride relating to Fran's writing accomplishments.

Much attention has been given to a controversial interview given by Francis, mostly by his mother who can't stop talking about it (even to people who are clearly disinterested) or emailing it to (unsuspecting) people as an MP-3 file. We ask for you to consider his accomplishments in addition to his words. TRWH is not claiming that Michigan Radio reporter Jen Guerra employed "gotcha journalism," just that Francis is a stinker. We thank Ms. Guerra for both her editing savvy and humor in helping us craft a last day of school to remember.

Furthermore, we submit this document, written by Francis mid first-grade:

There it is in black and white, America. He was "iksaided" about writing so much... And he even closed the story with "My hand was so sweaty, I needed a shower for my hand."  Sounds like a pretty engaged writer.

So all that leaves is...Go Cubs (but not professional).  And a happy summer to all!"

-TRWH Management

As you may have heard, HTWYB was sent home from first grade when it was determined to be a "home project. " A detailed post and review will be available on TRWH in July when it is expected to be published.  Please tell your friends.


  1. Willing to purchase advanced copies of HTWYB. Please have autographed for GI pediatrician and Eliana who still requires parental support on this activity. Thank you.

  2. We will be happy to have your copy ready!