Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fran's NPR Debut or "That's Not Going to Be Good for Business"

Francis has had quite a year of literary distinction.

So we were not surprised when he chose to discuss his feelings about writing in addition to detailing his summer plans when he was approached for an interview with Michigan Radio/ NPR last Friday on the final day of first grade. Please listen to his compelling interview, initially aired June 17, 2011, by clicking here.  

There has been much hubbub in reaction this week to this 40 second interview across the country:

"We heard this in the car!  I almost drove off the road!"  
-Martha G., Ann Arbor, MI
"I heard Frances being interviewed on Michigan Radio! So very cute. He said he didn't like writing?!?!"   -Vickie H., Ann Arbor, MI
"Totally awesome!!!!!!"  -Christy M., Atlanta, GA
"What a hoot!"  -Grandma P., Carmel, IN
"We heard you on the radio.  I was so proud of you.  You spoke so clearly.  When is your next Cub's game?"  -Nana R., Phoenix, AZ
"That's very cute.  Way to go, Fran!"  -Jack R., Dexter, MI
"How can he NOT like writing?! He has such great story ideas!"   
-Laura W., Ann Arbor, MI
"Absolutely adorable!"  -Susan A., Indianapolis, IN
"OMG!"  -Laurie P., Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

TRWH will post an official rebuttal to Fran's interview later this week.

Francis and the best teacher in the world, just minutes before the controversial public radio interview.

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