Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Voting: Yes! Pedicure: No!

There is a scene in "You've Got Mail" that really hits home. The Meg Ryan character is breaking up with her boyfriend (played by Greg Kinnear), and she admits to him that she didn't vote for Ruth Messinger in the mayoral election because she went for a manicure and forgot to vote. When I was watching this movie, this creeped me out because the exact same thing happened to me. When we lived in NYC,  I also forgot to vote for Ruth Messinger- but I was getting a mani-pedi.  (This movie was also filmed at the school where I worked!)

Well, today, I plan to vote YES in the Washtenaw County Special Education Millage Renewal. I haven't made it to vote yet: I took Colby to Mott, mishandled some work e-mails, volunteered at Fran's school, and stopped by 826 Michigan and the post office. I still need to vote.

But right now, it's happening again. I feel an uncontrollable desire to sneak in for a pedicure before I pick up Claudia from preschool. I do not have time to do this; it's voting day. But my toes could use a professional coat of polish. This home-pedi business isn't working so well. Hmmm... maybe I should see if they can squeeze me in before I go get Claudia. Wait, what was it I was supposed to do again?

VOTE!  Vote yes! No pedicures today- only voting!

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