Friday, May 6, 2011

A Prayer for My Daughter

Many have read Tina Fey's "A Prayer for My Daughter" from her new book Bossypants.

Just this afternoon, I have written a little prayer for my daughter.

First, Lord: Thank you for her loveliness 
and her well controlled bathroom skills 
and her love of her little pink potty.  

We have been diaper free for over a year
and it is lovely to no longer experience 
the diaper-poop-tushie smoosh anymore.

But please, can you help her be ready
to try her #2s on the big toilet
instead of her little pink potty
because it's still a little gross.


* Disclaimer:  This is not intended in any way to belittle God, religion, the faithful, power of prayer, or the purposes they play in people's lives. But these words have been going through my mind.  And they are truly from the bottom of my heart.

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