Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Month of Thanks #1: Neighbors

In November, I often feel overwhelmed with the goodness of the world and its people. I've decided to keep track of thankful things. Ideally, I'd post everyday-- I'm sure I can think of more than 30 things-- but I think I'll just focus on staying thankful, not having "perfect attendance."

Giving Thanks #1: Neighbors

Our little street is the best-kept secret in Ann Arbor: best neighbors in the world. As always on November 1st, I am floored by the Halloween decorations and the generosity of my neighbors. This teeny, tiny little street will work together to fill your pumpkin bucket.

I am thankful for neighbors who:
watch my kids,
watch my dog,
watch my house,
make me run,
loan me some chicken broth,
let me take their coffee pot,
smile sweetly when I break their lawnmower,
encourage our ice rink,
host my kids to swim,
have us over for dinner, and brunch, and Superbowls,
babysit my daughter,
endure my neighborly chit-chat,
continue to open the door when my kids ring the bell,
make us laugh,
make us feel safe,
and make our street feel like home.

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