Sunday, March 3, 2013

Claude's Current Favorite

Claude is currently gaga over Marisabina Russo books. I had the privilege of hosting her (back in the day) at my school in NY for an author visit- and she is simply marvelous, both in person and in print. I love her books for little ones, like The Big Brown Box and also her books for older children, like I Will Come Back for You.

My favorite birthday gift for a toddler is The Line Up Book; like all of Marisabina's book, she really understands kids, their feelings, and positive family dynamics.  I love using her books with young writers- especially because she is an author/illustrator, like my students are.  Her nice mix of dialogue, details with pictures and words, and story shape and structure are just divine.

Claudia has fallen in love with Hannah and all her stories. Her favorite right now is The Trouble with Baby. Claude was drawn to the title; she's always looking for trouble. I can only imagine the seeds Marisabina's books are planting for Claudia's own writing in Writing Workshop in Kindergarten next year!

Check out Marisabina's books at your local bookseller and from your library. I know we have plans: a big stack of her bunny books on hold at AADL and some out-of-printers coming from Amazon.

Little Miss Trouble reading The Trouble with Baby.

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