Monday, April 4, 2011

Don't Wake Up Mama!

Don't wake up Mama is a common theme here. First of all, our never-waking-up-before-8 children have shifted to a always-waking-up-at-or-before-7 schedule. Even on weekends. Even when we don't have to go anywhere. Even when we were out late. And I'm a 3-cups-of- coffee-before-we-leave-the-house kind of Mama.

Today this seemed to be a theme.  Fran has decided to write a book called "How to Wake Up Your Mom" over break, with such good ideas as "play cymbals," which, unfortunately, we own. If you heard the title of his *other How-To he tried penning at school, you would understand how pleased we are with this new topic.

Claudia is enamored with those naughty Five Little Monkeys from the Eileen Christelow. We had a copy of Don't Wake Up Mama, which has been retitled Five Little Monkeys Bake a Cake. In this gripping tale, the monkeys make a cake for Mama's birthday- and try to do it quietly. The sentence "Don't wake up Mama." is woven through the text. I was using the two texts in a minilesson on titles- but Claude found them. Now we read them both. Daily. She understands that the story is the same- even though the covers are different. She amazed me. Then today, after reading them both for about a week, she crinkled her nose and said, "I wonder if they will wake up Mama this time." Silly little monkey.

*We are pleased his teacher handled it nicely- and in the classroom. Let's just say it was a "home project."

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