Thursday, January 6, 2011

December Was Busy...

December will need a wrap up post (at some point.) We had a spontaneous production of "A Charlie Brown Christmas", an "ice rink" in the basement, a book party, lovely dinner parties, and Claude's insistence on reading everything by her-own-self.

But we were also busy doing stuff like this:

Happy New Year from The Reading and Writing House!


  1. 1. Where was I when this happened? 2. I love that Fran seems to think he's posing for his hockey team picture.

  2. 1. This was a pre-bedtime photo shoot. But I think the kids modeled these things for you. They used them a lot and "burned out" a nose.
    2. We need to get the ice up and running!
    3. You and CJP need to do jammies/ antlers/ nose pics for a photo card next year.
    4. Have you seen the van? It also has antlers and a nose...