Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kindergarten Crybaby

We shed no tears on the first day of Kindergarten. The whole Roderique family (except Colby- it was raining) took Fran to school. We took pictures. We lingered. Then we left him there. We came home. We all sat at home the whole day; Blaine even took the day off. Then we went back to pick him up. We took more pictures. We came home. Fran was exhausted, but he loved it.

I saw some mothers crying at Kindergarten drop-off. (And after it, walking down the tree-lined streets toward parked minivans.) I shook my head and thought things like "Wow, I'll bet she's doing a number on her kid." A few days in, I saw a mother who was still crying. (Granted, she could have stubbed her toe...) But my eyes were dry. Kindergarten is a joy; what was wrong with these people?

Fran loved Kindergarten. He still was quick to tears at times, but we heard he was a social butterfly. Kindergarten was going well. And it seemed like it would go on like this for quite some time.

But really, Kindergarten was flying by like calendar pages in an old-timey cartoon. Suddenly, there were about 30 school days left. I started to panic. How could Kindergarten be ending? How could Fran possibly be big enough for first grade? And then I realized that come summer, Kindergarten would be over. New class. New teacher. New grade.

And then I started crying, just like the other mothers. Just a little late.

Also, I think it's fair to say that I am pretty sure I am doing a number on my kid...


  1. We all do numbers on our kids. That's our job, remember? Someone needs to keep the therapists in business!

  2. Well- Blaine and I are certainly doing our part!